Profera is a partner at, and runs the marketing area of, the Core. A focus of her activities is tour marketing, managing the sales, marketing, and distribution entities in piloting the campaigns of their artists.  She also is responsible for bringing new business ideas to the company.

Profera is on the board of “Urban Farming” a global food chain community.  She has unparalleled experience in the worlds of music, licensing, and fitness. Her music background includes positions with Record World and 20thCentury Fox records. She is the co-founder of Music Vision, HITS magazine, and Global Satellite Network in a partnership that extended over two decades. Toni is also the founder of Full Circle, a licensing company focusing on placements for film, TV, and video games. Her work in licensing ran the gamut from the details of administration for indie songwriters, to pitching a catalog owned by the majors, to representing 60,000 authentic Chinese masters owned by the Chinese government in a joint venture.

She began her career in fitness by managing fitness guru Kathy Smith, as well as producing her first project, Kathy went on to become and continues to be one of the biggest names in the industry today. Well-known TV and film stuntwoman Sandy Gimpel has also partnered with Toni on her fitness series, Stuntblasters Workout.

Her work for Global Satellite Network included developing customized alliances with sponsors through their ad agencies for “Rockline”, the first live music show on the FM band delivered via satellite.

She is perhaps known best for being on the front line of the development of lifestyle and music retail marketing as a partner at Hits, having had a team of 350 people coast to coast reporting to 22 people in Los Angeles.

In all of these areas it is the wealth of good relationships assembled over years of successful work and collaborations that gives her the tools needed to literally shapeshift into  the new paradigm, which makes up the entertainment business today.